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Links to careers websites

South Africa

  • Biocareers
    The official science job board and career centre for the science industry in South Africa. If you are looking for exciting career opportunities and science related jobs register your CV with Biocareers today.
  • CareerJunction
    Online career service.
  • Careers Beyond 2000
    Their mission is to make available career information to all South Africans, to enable them to qualify themselves for a career for which they may have the necessary aptitude.
  • Careers.co.za
    The tools and support to learn more about yourself and to discover your future.
  • Career Expo
    Leaving School and don't know what to do next? Tired of your job and looking for a change? Don't know where to get the skills you need ? ... or need to find a loan for your studies.....
  • Perfect Careers
    Offers a career guidance service to grade 11 and 12 pupils throughout SA. With the aid of an internationally recognised software program called Career Mapper, they are able to match students to careers best suited to them based on their ability, personality and interests.
  • PNet
    Founded in 1997, PNet is a leading online e-recruitment service provider in South Africa.
  • Questions to ask when deciding on your career
    It is important that you choose a career which will help you achieve the sort of lifestyle you want as well as matching your working personality. Answering the following questions might help you get a clearer picture of what type of career would be right for you.
  • Unisa's Bureau for Student Counselling & Career Development
    The most exciting aspect of our website is that we are able to link you to student counsellors and their expertise across the world. While researching a career issue, such as CV-Writing, you will find yourself assimilating information from universities in the United States of America, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.


  • AnalyzeMyCareer.com
    USA - Leaders in online aptitude, personality, occupational and entrepreneurial assessments.
  • Careers in Science
    USA - A useful resource for more information about careers in science.
  • eGuidance Center
    USA - Career and educational guidance resource for parents and students.
  • ICPAC Career Profiles index
    USA - The Career Profiles are organised alphabetically by job title.
  • Institute of Career Guidance
    UK - The Institute of Career Guidance publishes regular position statements and policy papers in response to government papers or developments within the career guidance sector.
  • Mapping your future
    USA - One stop site for students and parents with information on financial strategies, career options and college planning.
  • myfuture
    Australia's career information service.
  • New Scientist Graduate
    UK - A useful resource to assist graduates in finding employment or furthering their studies.
  • Quintessential Careers
    USA - College, careers, and jobs guide.
  • SciWeb Biotechnology Career Center
    Biotechnology Jobs, Careers and Employment Resources.
  • The Student Zone - Career Profiles
    UK - This UK student site is a student website for students of all ages.
  • Tomorrow's Jobs
    USA - Making informed career decisions requires reliable information about opportunities in the future.
  • Women in Science Career Page
    USA - Looking for help with career education for young people? Here are two tools designed to inspire young people to pursue scientific careers.

Young Science Communicators Writing Initiative:

In an initiative to offer a platform to exercise skills in science communication, PUB commissioned a group of young scientists to write popular articles on various topics relating to biotechnology applications. Read their on articles on topics including sustainable energy, aquaculture, palaeogenomics, and more... Click here to view.

Click here to view archived newsletters.

Press release

Shedding Light on Human Genetic Diversity

A paper detailing the the Southern African Genome Sequencing Project and its results was published in the journal Nature.

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