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Since being launched, PUB has participated in over 100 public exhibitions and events, ranging from careers exhibits to trade and science education exhibitions and events.

In the early stages of the PUB programme, static exhibits such as banners and posters were used as the basis of PUB exhibits. Three specific exhibits were also commissioned as part of a more general PUB funded exhibit implemented by the Gateway science centre in Durban, focusing on hydroponics, DNA and microbes for the millennium. The DNA 50 exhibit was also toured around the country with the addition of SA relevant panels produced by PUB.

Currently, PUB promotes the Biotechnology Careers exhibition, which has proved very popular.

Biotechnology Careers
Nineteen different biotechnologists were interviewed for this exhibit, and it not only explains what they do, but also who they are, where they work, what school subjects and personal characteristics you need to do this job and where you could potentially get a job. Download all the careers profiled: Careers exhibit

Young Science Communicators Writing Initiative:

In an initiative to offer a platform to exercise skills in science communication, PUB commissioned a group of young scientists to write popular articles on various topics relating to biotechnology applications. Read their on articles on topics including sustainable energy, aquaculture, palaeogenomics, and more... Click here to view.

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Press release

Shedding Light on Human Genetic Diversity

A paper detailing the the Southern African Genome Sequencing Project and its results was published in the journal Nature.

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